Sometimes, Public Adjusters are contacted by a person who has already started their claims process. Although this is common, it is not exactly ideal. Many policyholders don’t have experience filing an actual insurance claim, therefore they may do or say something that allows the insurance company to place the blame on them or deny the insurance claim flat out. 

Even if the claim is not denied, many times when a home or property owner is filing an insurance claim, hidden damage such as soot or mold in the house or building will go unnoticed and therefore will be extremely difficult to document and prove to the insurance company on the latter end of the claim. 

This is where public adjusters come in. Public Adjusters have years of experience corresponding with insurance companies, they have in-depth knowledge of the claims process, home/ building restoration and they know what to do and say to put pressure on the insurance company to give you the maximum payout as quickly as possible along with making sure all of your dwelling and belongings are accounted for and financially covered. If you are having trouble with your insurance company, do not hesitate to reach out to a public adjuster as soon as possible.