Do you a need Public Insurance Adjusters for Business Interruption Claims?


In the business insurance claim industry many of the insured will be told they’re not covered for business interruption claims.  Damages from the COVID-19 pandemic and the business interruptions incurred may be covered by your business insurance policy… We’re here to fight for what you may be owed.

Many commercial and business owner’s insurance policies include coverage for business interruption.  This coverage is highly recommended for businesses that are at risk of losing significant income if their business were to unexpectedly shut down for even a short period of time.  Examples of these businesses include restaurants, hotels, and most other service industry businesses. This coverage can also be extended to cover interruptions in business due to supply chain interruptions through contingent business interruption coverage.  For businesses in manufacturing, this coverage is essential.  

Business interruption insurance coverage covers income loss, payroll expenses, operating expenses, and additional expenses incurred during the period of interruption.  This coverage begins 72 hours after the business interruption commences. Usually, this coverage continues for 90 days from the date the interruption begins.  

Coverage for business interruption is optional and has varying terms and exclusions depending upon the language of each individual policy.  Most business interruption policies include “civil order” as a qualifying condition for applying business interruption coverage. Depending upon the language in a business insurance policy, this would include the current government action to close all business due to the Coronavirus.  If you have questions regarding your coverage, please contact Public Insurance Adjusters of California for a complementary review of your policy.