MultiFamily Insurance Claims 

Multi-Family Insurance is for any residential unit where there are more than one housing units within one building or a complex. Units are either next to one another, often called duplex, triplex, or townhouses. Or they are stacked on the top and bottom, often called apartment buildings or condominiums. This type of insurance is very essential as there are many unforeseen risks associated. 

Why is Multi-Family Insurance essential?

  • Liability Coverage 

In case of an unfortunate event that will destroy or damage the house, the landlord is not responsible for the coverage. Instead, the resident of the house is responsible. The residents of the other units are also prone to damage considering the structure of multi-family housing. Therefore, it is a great method for mitigating loss in case of an unfortunate event and ensure the protection of residents living in close proximity. 

  • Property Coverage

Financial loss can be very grave depending on the damage. However, if the cause of the damage has been due to negligence the loss has to be paid out for. In this case, an insurance policyholder will receive deductible for the damage when claimed with the right evidence. Those without insurance will have to arrange a large amount in order to compensate for the damage.

Role of a Public Adjuster filing a Multi-Family Insurance Claim

Applying for a Multi-Family Insurance Claim can be a great hustle as there are a lot of aspects involved. This includes documentation, communication with residents, mitigate financial loss, and in some cases, relocating residents. 

This is where a public adjuster can make things easier for the policyholders. Due to years of experience, Public Adjusters are able to speed up the process and negotiate a higher compensation value for the damage. Insurance holders can save a lot of their valuable time and take care of other important matters.

Public Adjusters have no relationship with the insurance company, therefore they solely represent the client. Their only focus is on getting higher compensation for claims which is in the best interest of their clients.

Following are the major services provided by Public Adjusters:

  • Complete analyzes of Insurance Policy to understand what is covered. 
  • Document all losses after inspecting property damage and create an estimation.
  • File for claim with the insurance company providing all detailed documentations.
  • Negotiate the amount of compensation with the insurance company to get the maximum eligible value for the damage.
  • Communicate with the insurance company and provide everything required throughout the process.
  • Document everything until the claims payment has reached the client.
  • Provide additional services that are offered by our company to the client.

We are the best Public Adjusters in California, with experience in filing claims for many households to ensure maximum compensation. From documenting all damages to making sure payment is received, we will fully take care of your case. Call us now for any inquiries on insurance coverages, claims and settlement process regarding your Multi-Family Insurance. We will make sure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled too.

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