• Expert Fire Damage Claims Assistance from Start to Finish: Most property owners have limited experience with fire damage insurance claims. They don’t know how claims work – and that’s okay! Unfortunately, insurance companies take advantage and may try to trick you. When you hire a  public adjuster, you get expert assistance on your side.
  • Avoid Common Pitfalls: A single error can throw your fire insurance claim into chaos. More serious errors can cause your claim to be reduced or denied. Our public adjusters know the tactics insurance companies use – and they help clients avoid these tricks.
  • Maximize Payout: A good public adjuster can raise insurance payout 270% above the initial offer from your insurance company. That means more money in your pocket when you need it most.
  • Hassle-free Claims: Fire damage insurance claims are stressful. You may need to move out of your house. You might have limited experience dealing with insurance claims. A public adjuster takes away this stress.
  • Competitive & Transparent Fees: We disclose all fees upfront. Like other public adjusters, we charge a flat percentage rate of your final payout.
  • Only Pay If Successful: You only pay the public adjuster once you accept your final insurance payout. Until you accept that payout, you don’t pay your adjuster.

Fire Insurance Claim Examples

Some of the sample situations where public adjusters can help include:

  • Commercial Fire Damage Insurance Claims: Fire damage can devastate a business or commercial property, causing extensive damage to the property, inventory, and equipment. You buy business insurance to cover fire damage. A public adjuster fights hard to protect your business.
  • Total Loss Insurance Claims: If your fire damage exceeds the value of your policy, or if the cost of repairing your home exceeds its value, then you have a total loss insurance claim. Public adjusters can fight to ensure everything is covered under your insurance policy, working hard to ensure clients receive every penny owed.
  • House Fire Damage Claims: Secure higher compensation and maximize insurance payouts with house fire damage claim help from Public Insurance Adjusters of California.
  • Claims Over $10,000: Public adjusters work on a commission fee basis, charging a percentage of the final insurance payout. Most public adjusters only work on claims worth over $10,000.

The Fire Damage Claim Process

Typically, a fire damage insurance claim goes through the following steps:

  1. Secure the scene. Contact emergency services if necessary. Or, extinguish a smaller fire yourself.
  2. Contact your insurer and start the claim. Your insurer assigns a claim number, then provides further instructions.
  3. Wait for the adjuster. Your insurance company sends an adjuster to your address to inspect the scene, estimate the damage, restoration and repair costs, and determine the next step.
  4. Hire an emergency restoration crew. Your insurer may recommend hiring an emergency restoration crew to secure the scene. Or, you might hire a contractor to provide a free quote on fire damage restoration costs.
  5. Document everything. Document all damage with photos and videos. Take notes and keep receipts. If you need to move out of your home, your insurer should cover your accommodations, meals, and other expenses.
  6. Complete the claim. Once repairs are complete and damage is documented, your insurer completes payout and closes the claim.

Of course, the insurance claim process is rarely this smooth. Most claims encounter several issues along the way. These issues could jeopardize your claim and reduce payout – which is why you may want a public adjuster.