Hoa / Association Claims

HOA, also known as homeowners association is a type an organization that manages certain activities of your condominium, apartment or other planned community. This organization consists of members usually elected for leadership purposes. They are responsible for maintaining common shared spaces, such as gyms and swimming pools. HOA will be in control of the appearance of your house, landscape maintenance, parking guidelines, and security services. However, this depends on the policies of each organization. 

Homeowners association’s insurance will cover property damage and liability coverage. The policy protects common shared space and will provide coverage in case of damage caused by fire or other situation. Personal injury caused by the shared space will also be covered through HOA’s insurance claim.

Types of Coverage for HOA Insurance

D & O Coverage

This type of coverage is for the higher authority personals of the homeowners association such as the Directors and Officers. Situations may arise whereby the homeowners association may get sued. During that time, this type of coverage can protect the Directors and Officers from any liability. It is a very essential coverage as the claims can be very high at times. 

Social Host Liability Coverage 

Many homeowners association in California provides additional services that allow entre of non-members into the premises. These services can include clubhouses, hall rental facilities for special events or a tennis court. If serving of alcohol is permitted on-premises, then the association is complied to have liability insurance for the safety of everyone in case of a personal injury. 

Garage keeper’s Coverage 

Buildings that have access to a garage where non-members are permitted to park are required to get garage keeper’s insurance. This type of insurance protects members’ vehicle owners against damages caused by visiting guests. It also includes theft in members’ vehicles which had been parched on the building’s premises.

Discrimination Claims Coverage

Discrimination against any resident due to their ability to pay their mortgage, terms, conditions or discriminating services based on their gender, race, origin, religion or family status is considered going against the law. This type of coverage protects homeowners association against liability in case they are being sued due to the reasons for discriminations.

Public Adjusters for HOA Claims 

We as Public Adjusters advocate for the claim process of our clients when filing any HOA claims. From documentation to communicating with the insurance company, public adjusters represent considering the best interest of the client. We ensure to expedite the process and get the best compensation for your HOA settlement claims.

HOA claims can be one of the most difficult to handle due to the involvement of too many stakeholders that could get affected. Reaching an agreement can be very complex as a lot more evidence will be required. This can also be a long process for those who do not have a lot of time in their hands.

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