Water damage claims are some of the most common insurance claims for property managers. Water damage can occur due to multiple things such as clogged toilets, backed-up tubs, burst pipes, and even external water seeping into your home from the outside.  Many policyholders assume that their insurance company has their best interest in mind and that their water damage claim will be immediately approved. This is far from the truth, insurance companies will use language like “sewer back up” to put the blame back on the policyholder and eventually deny the claim outright. 

When filing an insurance claim it is vitally important to be clear, concise, and careful with the terms you say and the way you talk to your insurance agent, all of what you say is noted for any admission of the cause or other ways to deny your claim flat out. If you’re unsure of how to present your case to your insurance company, always reach out to a Public Adjuster.