Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Public Insurance Adjuster?2020-01-08T05:19:14+00:00

If you’ve experienced a disaster at your property, then you may be considering hiring a public insurance adjuster. Public adjusters are licensed, experienced insurance professionals. They can help you avoid making mistakes on your insurance claim. They keep your insurance company honest. They can raise your final insurance settlement by up to 70% – all in exchange for a fee of 5% to 15%. It’s up to you to decide if you need a public adjuster. In larger claims situations, however, hiring a public adjuster can quickly pay for itself.

What should I look for in a Public Insurance Adjuster?2020-01-08T05:16:15+00:00

You should look for the same qualities you would look for in any other professional, which includes experience and proven performance. Your Public Insurance Adjuster must be licensed and bonded. Your chosen Public Insurance Adjuster should also utilize its own staff of adjusters, appraisers and other professionals to assist him or her in maximizing the benefits you are entitled to receive after a claim. The Public Insurance Adjuster you choose should be aware of your needs and responsive to your concerns.

What is a Loss Adjuster, Private Adjuster, or Private Claims Adjuster?2020-01-08T05:14:30+00:00

A loss adjuster, private adjuster, private claims adjuster, public loss adjuster, private loss adjuster, and public insurance adjuster are all different terms for a public adjuster. These professionals work on behalf of you, the policyholder and represent your best interests.

What do Public Insurance Adjusters Do?2020-01-08T05:12:50+00:00

Generally speaking, a public insurance adjuster manages every aspect of your claim from beginning to end. They investigate, inspect, appraise, and adjust the insurance claim. Unlike your insurance company’s adjuster, however, a public adjuster works for you. The goal is to maximize the amount of compensation you receive from your insurance company. A public insurance adjuster will ensure your claim is handled efficiently and achieves a fair outcome. The public adjuster will also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?2020-01-08T05:10:43+00:00

A public insurance adjuster is an insurance professional specializing in running every aspect of an insurance claim on behalf of the policyholder. Unlike your insurance company’s adjuster, who works for the insurance company, a public insurance adjuster represents you and your interests. Public adjusters are individually-licensed and work as independent contractors.