Drain Lines and Water Damage Claims

Water damage is the most common problem that results in insurance claims. This type of damage includes any water discharge inside a personal property. This includes:

  • Waterline/toilet breakage
  • Overflow of sinks/bathtubs 
  • Leakage of water heaters
  • Roof leakage
  • Sewer back-up
  • Damage to the house due to hail or wind letting the water enter the house

Water damage does not provide coverage for any damages caused by not maintain the personal property or any negligence of the property owner. This only covers accidental water damage caused in a house. Flooding is also not included in this insurance policy, instead, different insurance has to be obtained to gain coverage for it.

Types of Water Claims

Water claims are usually tricky to determine. Although there are different types of water coverage, what matters the most is how the water penetrates inside a home. This is the factor that will determine the successful settlement of claims. There are five ways in which water can enter a house:

Above Ground Water: This is when the water enters a house through the roof because of snow or rain. It usually damages a part of the house or creates a hole through which water can enter a house.

Inside Water: This is the water than has been emerging from the inside of the house. It can be due to overflowing of sinks, bathtubs or toilets. Houses built 50 – 80 years ago are required to change their plumbing.

Outside Water: This is when the water is trying to penetrate inside a house either because of heavy rainfall or melting of snow. Basements are really affected during the winter snowfall. 

Below Ground Water: This is when the water is entering a house due to breakage in the sewer or other pipeline located below the house. 

Tips on Filing Claims for Water Damage 

Following are a few tips to consider when you are suffering from a water damage disaster at your house:

  • Document and take evidence of all the loss your house has suffered from
  • Call your insurance company as soon as you have the situation under control. They will begin the procedure and ask for documentation to assess the claim.
  • Carefully read the insurance policy before making claims for things that are not covered by the policy. False claims will result in the rejection of the claim.
  • Receiving your claim can be a long process, therefore it is necessary to follow all steps properly. Otherwise, hire a public adjuster who is able to handle your insurance claims matter.
  • Once a claim is processed, it is very likely that the rate of your insurance is likely to rise.

Public Insurance Adjusters are much more experienced and skilled therefore are able to negotiate a higher settlement compensation. It also expedites the entire process and results in faster processing of the claim so you can receive the compensation faster. 

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